Three township residents charged with impaired driving during RIDE campaigns in Durham, York

At least three Brock Township residents have been arrested for impaired driving during the Festive RIDE campaigns conducted by police in the area.

Purusothaman Kamalanathan, 38, of Sunderland was charged with exceed .08 mgs by the DRPS last week, while nineteen-year-old Jacob Murray of Beaverton was charged with exceed .08 mgs, impaired care and control and novice BAC last month.

In addition, 35-year-old Jennifer Breen of Cannington was arrested and charged with impaired operation and over 80 by police in York Region last week.

The names of those charged with impaired driving have been publicized by the DRPS for several years, with their counterparts in York deciding to follow suit this season.

“It’s clear that something has to change,” said YRPS Chief Eric Jolliffe in a media release.

“Effective immediately, York Regional Police will name all of the drivers charged with impaired-related criminal driving offences, to further make impaired driving socially unacceptable and so that members of our community can assist with notifying police if these offenders choose to drive while under suspension. Innocent lives are put at risk every day by this irresponsible and criminal behavior. We are not giving up.”

The notice urges the public to call 911 to report suspected impaired driving incidents, which they described as “a life-threatening crime in progress.”

“So far this year York Regional Police have laid more than 1,400 charges for impaired-related driving offences and the number of drivers choosing to drive while impaired is showing no signs of decreasing. Sadly, five people have lost their lives this year in collisions where alcohol or drug impairment were contributing factors,” it reads.

“The legal consequences of an impaired driving charge can include roadside vehicle impoundment and automatic driver’s licence suspension as well as further consequences imposed by the courts, including longer licence suspensions, large fines and in some cases, jail time.”

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