Council wants a meeting with Health Canada on medicinal cannabis facilities

Members of council are looking to take steps to ensure that medicinal cannabis operations are following federal regulations as they set up shop in rural areas of the township.

Addressing concerns raised in relation to an operation on Concession 11, local politicians have requested a meeting with the Health Canada early in 2019.

A second medicinal cannabis facility, located on Concession 4 Thorah, was robbed at gunpoint back in October.

In addition to the two local sites that are already up-and-running, Mayor Bath-Hadden also mentioned rumblings that a medicinal cannabis company has also expressed an interest in a 200-acre property in the Beaverton area.

While she wasn’t looking to ban such facilities, which are regulated by Health Canada with next to no oversight from municipalities, Mayor Bath-Hadden said that members of council need to ensure that relevant regulations are being adhered to.

“This is a different type of agricultural product than we’ve worked with in the past…We can educate ourselves and take a better stance to protect our residents,” she said.

Noting that Conservative MP Jamie Schmale and his party’s health critic recently met with residents concerned, Ward 3 Councillor Walter Schummer called for a meeting with Health Canada.

“A meeting with the opposition health critic is nice but it would be better to hear from the regulatory body itself,” he noted.

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