Conservation authority working with Beaverton area farm to address run-off issues

The Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority (LRSCA) is working with a Beaverton area farm to address issues involving run-off in Lake Simcoe.

The matter was discussed at Monday’s (Dec. 17) meeting of the planning and economic development committee as members of council received correspondence from former mayor John Grant advising that an agreement had been reached.

Ward 1 Councillor Mike Jubb said that he heard concerns from a number of residents about the run-off from Goodyear Farms – which is located just off Mara Road, north of the village – while on the campaign trail.

“When we have a weather event, there’s always run-off going into Lake Simcoe,” he told his colleagues.

The agreement – which will see roughly $70,000 worth of work completed on the more than 1,000-acre property this spring, with costs split between farm owners and the LSRCA – was welcomed by local politicians.

“This is very good news,” said Mayor Debbie Bath-Hadden, crediting the farm’s owner for finally opting to address the issue.

She also applauded the residents that have raised concerns over the years for their diligence.

“For the last five or six years, this has been a huge concern for the community…how it’s taken so long for the Ministry of the Environment (MOE) to come to the table is absolutely mind-boggling.”

Regional Councillor Ted Smith agreed.

“The MOE did not want to take ownership of this,” he said, despite the matter being a “serious issue” during the last term of council.

Like Coun. Jubb, Ward 4 Councillor Cria Pettingill also worked with concerned residents.

“A considerable amount of damage has already been done,” she said, noting that future monitoring of the situation is imperative.

“A lot of eyes are going to be on the lake.”

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