Highlighting the importance of shopping local this holiday season

To the editor:

Brock Township merchants are going through a difficult time and have to compete with big box stores, Amazon and many mail order gift services. If each one of us could purchase just one item no matter the cost, from our local businesses it would make an incredible difference (but it would be great if you purchased more). Think about the cost of gas to drive to a store outside of Brock and you will likely find the few extra dollars make the price pretty much even or maybe less.

We have many local artists and artisans who create perfect, unique gifts. You will be surprised that so many of their works are highly affordable. You can also purchase registration for classes that will create a memory – a gift that will last forever.

I guess the only other comment I want to make is that if you cannot find it in your town, it likely exists in one of our others. I understand pride for where we live but think of Brock as a whole community. We all need each other.

 Penny Judge

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