Staff at Scotiabank in Cannington raise nearly $2,500 for animal shelter

The Scotiabank branch in Cannington has delivered an early Christmas gift for the local animal shelter.

“We are full of love and thanks to all at the Scotia Bank in Cannington for their huge donation of $2482.78 to the Brock Township Sick and Injured Animal Fund! These funds will go a long way to provide important life saving medical treatment for the animals at the shelter,” reads a social media post from the shelter.

According to Sarah Beauregard-Jones – the Township’s supervisor of bylaw enforcement and animal control – the donation couldn’t have come at a better time.

This year has been an exceptionally busy one for the shelter’s staff and volunteers.

“The shelter numbers are probably the highest they’ve ever been, Beauregard-Jones said.

“We’re inundated with cats.”

And there’s more on the way as two cats currently residing at the shelter are pregnant, she added.

“So we’ll have more kittens, which isn’t a problem. Kittens usually get adopted quickly. It’s the mommas and other adult cats that we worry about.”

She also noted that the shelter has been blessed by “incredible” support from the community this year.

Check out some of the animals currently available for adoption in the photo gallery below.

For more information on the Brock Township Animal Shelter, click HERE.

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