Health department launches new online program for inspection results

The Durham Region Health Department is making it easier for area residents to access health inspection results through a new online disclosure program.

The program, dubbed ‘Check&GO!’ provides access to health inspection information on the Region’s website. Residents will also be able to request inspection results from operators of facilities where a Check&GO! sign is posted on-site.

“Residents will remember our DineSafe Durham disclosure program, which provided details of inspections at local restaurants and food establishments, and our Know Before You Go Durham program that offered inspection results on area personal service settings businesses such as salons and tattoo operators,” explained Lisa Fortuna, director of health protection with the health department, in a media release.

“The new Check&GO! disclosure program will build on these two existing programs and will now provide health inspection results for the many businesses and organizations that are continuously monitored by the health department.”

The Check&GO! disclosure program, which is being launched following a new disclosure by-law passed by regional council earlier this year, includes online inspection results for licensed childcare centres, restaurants and food stores, salons, tattooing, piercing and tanning establishments and public beaches, as well as information on violations under the Smoke-Free Ontario Act.

The health department will also continue to post information on charges and convictions received by an establishment, as well as confirmed infection prevention and control lapses.\

In addition, the Check&GO! program will include inspection results for public swimming pools, spas, splash pads, small drinking water systems and recreational camps starting in early 2019.

The green, yellow and red compliance signs that have been associated with previous inspection programs will continue to be posted on-site at food and personal service establishments.

“The purpose of the Check&GO! disclosure program is to help area residents make informed decisions to protect their health and to share information about health inspection results,” Fortuna said.

“When residents see the Check&GO! sign at a local establishment, they can feel assured the facility has been inspected by one of our public health inspectors or tobacco enforcement officers. We encourage residents to visit the web page and check out the inspection history of their favourite establishments throughout the Region.”

For more information about the Check&GO! disclosure program, please call the Environmental Help Line at 1-888-777-9613, or click HERE.

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