Beaverton youngster gets to meet legendary musician Roger Hodgson

A Beaverton youngster recently had the opportunity to meet one of his musical idols.

Joined by his mom and dad, 11-year-old Tyler Pettit got to meet Roger Hodgson — an award-winning songwriter best known for his role as a founding member of Supertramp — following a show at Casino Rama on Nov. 3.

“This is an experience he will remember and treasure for a lifetime,” said Tyler’s mom, Adeline Khoo Pettit.

She explained how the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity came about.

“My husband, Keith, and Tyler’s fav musician is Roger Hodgson. Tyler has been practising some of Roger’s songs on the piano for the past nine months or so and he also knows and sings the lyrics of many of the songs,” she said.

“Keith was tuning the piano for the concert and he mentioned to Roger that Tyler has discovered his music and is learning to play the songs. Roger was impressed that Tyler knew his songs and wished that more young people would attend his concerts. So he wanted to meet Tyler and invited the three of us to the Saturday concert.”

The couple kept it a secret until just prior to the show.

“We only told Tyler about 30 minutes before concert that he will be meeting one of his idols,” Pettit said.Hodgson autograph

“No words can express our heartfelt gratefulness to Roger for the invitation. It was pure joy to see Tyler so happy when we finally told him.”

They met with other members of the band and orchestra prior to the start of the two-hour “extraordinary” show, Pettit said, before meeting with Hodgson backstage afterwards.

“Tyler was given the song list of the night, which Roger signed, as a souvenir. He also signed Tyler’s Supertramp piano book, writing ‘Play your heart out, Tyler’,” she added.

“Such great advice from a legendary musician, singer, and talented artist who plays many instruments. We hope this will be a further inspiration to Tyler to continue his love of music.”

The family also thanked Hodgson’s team as well as the staff at Casino Rama for arranging the backstage meet-and-greet.

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