Beaverton family spreads holiday cheer at Sick Kids

A Beaverton family has once again helped spread a bit of cheer at Sick Kids Hospital.

Vanessa Hanson and her family collected enough donated items to fill more than 90 bags full of books, small toys and games for young patients and their families heading into the holidays.

“The bags are for patients who are going through a rough time and need a distraction while they are staying in the hospital. There are also bags for parents that have been purchased to help put a smile on their face during stressful appointments and extended stays with their children,” she said.

She started the campaign last year as a means of giving back to those enduring the same hardship her family went through when her daughters (five-year-old Brooklyn and three-year-old Abby) were born.

“Both of my daughters spent a lot of time at Sick Kids, so we decided to do a fundraiser this year for Christmas,” she said upon launching the campaign.

After sending 42 bags down to the hospital in the campaign’s inaugural year, Hanson collected more than twice the number of donations this fall.

“The response from our friends in Brock Township was amazing,” she said.


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