Requested lights at Highway 12, Main Street ‘not warranted’: Province

Traffic at Highway 12 and Main Street (Thorah Concession 6) in Beaverton does not warrant signals, according to the Province, despite a request submitted by Brock Township.

In a letter to the Township dated Aug. 8, a representative from the Ministry of Transportation states that after two days of traffic analysis, they’ve decided lights are unnecessary.

“On Friday, July 13, Warrant 1 (total vehicle volume) reached 46 per cent and Warrant 2 (delay to cross major road) reached 26 per cent. For Saturday, July 14, Warrant 1 reached 40 per cent and Warrant 2 reached 20 per cent,” writes Janice Munro, Area Traffic Manager for the Ministry.

“Based on this information, traffic signals are not warranted at this intersection. For traffic signals to be warranted, either Warrant 1 or 2 must reach 100 per cent or both must be met at 80 per cent.”

Munro’s letter continues to discuss spot speed studies conducted on Highway 12 just north of Concession 4.

“Drivers will travel at a speed that they consider safe and reasonable under ideal conditions for a given roadway segment,” she writes.

According to her letter, 85 per cent of northbound drivers would travel at a maximum speed of 91 kilometres per hour, while 85 per cent of southbound drivers would travel at 95 kilometres per hour. Munro says this indicates that 80 kilometres per hour is the appropriate posted speed.


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