Township spent $72,000 on efforts to purchase Chimo property before backing out

park 1Brock Township spent more than $72,000 this year in a bid to acquire a Port Bolster owned by the provincial government.

Responding to a request from The Brock Voice Tuesday (Aug. 28), Treasurer Laura Barta said the municipality spent $70,717 on an environmental assessment, in addition to $1,655 worth of legal fees.

The Township spent more than a year negotiating for the nearly 10-acre property, which was once used as a residential treatment facility by Chimo Youth and Family Services and is currently owned by the provincial government. But back in July, the municipality abruptly announced that it was not going to proceed with the purchase and provided no explanation, as negotiations were subject to a non-disclosure agreement.

The Township had a right of first refusal for the property, which is currently listed for $475,000 and appraised at $873,500 as of Jan. 1, 2018.


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