Company offers to compensate motorists impacted by Beaverton fuel mix-up

The corporate owners of Ultramar have apologized for an error that led to motorists unknowingly filling their tanks with diesel fuel in Beaverton over the weekend.

Leroy McKinnon, a senior specialist in corporate communications for Parkland Fuel Corporation, confirmed that diesel fuel was mistakenly deposited into the station’s tanks on Sunday (Aug. 12).

“On the morning of August 12, there was an incident at our Ultramar station in Beaverton, Ontario where a third-party hauler pumped diesel into the regular gasoline storage tank. As soon as we were made aware of the situation, the pumps were shut down,” he wrote in an e-mail.

He continued by noting that Ultramar will reimburse motorists impacted by the mistake.

“We invite customers affected by this situation to go to the gas station to give all the necessary information (name, phone number, etc.),” he said.

“Ultramar will compensate customers for the damage caused by this situation.”

If motorists have any further questions, they’re encouraged to call the Ultramar Customer Satisfaction Center at 1-844-755-8733, McKinnon noted.

“We regret any inconvenience this caused to our customers,” he said.

Some of those customers have detailed the damage to their vehicles on social media – including several that had spent $1,000 or more – and a few have reached out to The Brock Voice in recent days.

“I purchased a new (to me) vehicle on Friday and filled it up at Ultramar on Sunday evening. And still have receipt. The car ran sluggish and there was a little smoke,” wrote Lee Hosiosky of Cannington.diesel

“Ended up draining the tank and refilling it with high octane and using injector cleaner.”

Beaverton resident Dee Hogle, who was among the first to post about the issue on social media, noted that many cottage-goers would have been passing by the station on their way home Sunday.

“People could have purchased the diesel and have mechanical issues might not even be aware of this problem,” she said.

Hogle submitted a photo of her mechanic holding diesel fuel that had been pumped out of her vehicle.

“We’re still waiting for the final cost. Towing, flushing so far and extra costs for fuel injector,” she said.

“Thank goodness it wasn’t the work vehicle.”

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