Kitten reportedly thrown into traffic receives second chance at life

A kitten reportedly thrown from a vehicle into oncoming traffic is recovering thanks to the combined efforts of a team of rescuers.

“Just after 1:30 p.m. on Aug. 7, 2018, the driver of a southbound van threw a kitten out his window into the northbound lane of Durham Road 1, around one kilometre north of Zephyr sideroad,” writes Kelli Geer, a volunteer with Uxbridge Cat Rescue.

Kitten 1“The kitten bounced off the road multiple times in front of oncoming traffic as multiple cars veered off the road to avoid hitting it. Upon reaching the shoulder, the kitten ran a few steps, falling into the ditch.”

Geer says Kiley Nice-Hart and her sister Cleora were headed northbound on Durham Road 1 when they saw the kitten flying through the air. They quickly braked, as did the driver behind them, trying to avoid the kitten.

Kiley then reached out to Geer who enlisted the help of rescues throughout Durham Region. For hours rescuers searched, alongside local residents, looking for a small, brown kitten with a white belly.

“At 8:30 p.m., the kitten was finally spotted. A humane trap was required to capture the terrified kitten. By 9:30, he was secured and rushed to the 404  Emergency Vet Clinic for treatment,” writes Geer.

“The male tabby kitten, estimated at 12 weeks of age, has abrasions and swelling but otherwise is in good condition, especially considering what he went through. Further care and testing will need to be done, to ensure his wellbeing. This sweet boy is a fighter!”

Geer says this incident has been reported to Uxbridge Scugog Animal Services, Durham Regional Police and the SPCA. Anyone with information about who this kitten may have belonged to or who may have committed this act is asked to contact Durham Regional Police.

Geer says the kitten, now named Chance (for his second chance at happiness), is only beginning his journey of recovery.

“As with most of the kittens and cats that rescue organizations work with, a lot of vet visits and TLC will be required to ensure full recovery. It will take weeks, maybe months, to gain his love and trust, but in time Chance will recover and find his forever family,” she says.

In the meantime, Chance is recovering in the care of Jen Selwyn-Edwards, another volunteer with Uxbridge Cat Rescue.

Selwyn-Edwards says the kitten was taken to the emergency vet Tuesday night before she picked him up Wednesday (Aug. 8) morning.

Kitten 2Once he has recovered, Chance will be posted through adoption through Uxbridge Cat Rescue. He will be vaccinated before adoption. Until then, Selwyn-Edwards will continue to care for him.

“Kitten was caught late last night after hours of searching so it’s all still unfolding and we are trying to figure out the best way to try and find the people who did this,” says Selwyn-Edwards.

“It’s unlikely I know but this is something that happens often in rural areas like ours (kittens/cats being discarded like garbage) and it’s heartbreaking for those of us who search and rescue them. This is worse as kitten wasn’t just dumped but thrown in front of other vehicles.”

Geer says it’s important for people to know that options exist for unwanted animals.

“Three private rescue organizations in the Uxbridge area were involved in this rescue,” she says.

“Uxbridge Cat Rescue and Edwards Animal Sanctuary both help abandoned, unwanted and often injured or neglected cats find their forever families. Barn Cat Co-op, also situated in Uxbridge, places fully fixed and vetted feral cats, that would never be happy in a home environment, into safe barns where  they are fed and cared for. All three organizations screen applicants to ensure the cats in their care find the best placement possible.”

When the time comes for his adoption, Selwyn-Edwards expects there to be lots of interest in the kitten, who she describes as a lovely boy and a survivor.

Anyone wishing to donate toward Chance and the other cats and kittens in need, donations can be made to Nicola Ransom-Brown of Uxbridge Cat Rescue at

On behalf of all involved, Geer wishes Chance a long life.

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