Canada Protection Plan

With nominations set to close Friday (July 27) afternoon, the field for this fall’s municipal election is pretty much set.

And barring any last minute withdrawls, there will be a race for each of the seven spots on township council.

Incumbent John Grant and longtime local politician Debbie Bath-Hadden remain the only two options for mayor, while four candidates – incumbent Ted Smith, Dorothy Sanderson, Judi Forbes and Jay Yerema-Weafer – have their hats into the ring for the regional councillor spot.

Other candidates include:

Ward 1 – Gord Lodwick (incumbent), Mike Jubb

Ward 2 – Cyndi Schaffer (incumbent), Claire Doble

Ward 3 – Walter Schummer, Bill Basztyk

Ward 4 – Ralph Maleus, Cria Pettingill, Chris Shier

Ward 5 – Lynn Campbell (incumbent), Tony Laundrie, Allan Simpson

Durham Region Chair – John Mutton, John Henry, Tom Dingwall, Muhammad Ahsin Sahi, Peter Neal

Durham District School Board – Gord Baxter (appointed incumbent), Caroyln Morton

Durham Catholic School Board – Kathy LeFort (incumbent)brock-votes-final-1600x777.jpg

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