With nominations set to close Friday (July 27) afternoon, the field for this fall’s municipal election is pretty much set.

And barring any last minute withdrawls, there will be a race for each of the seven spots on township council.

Incumbent John Grant and longtime local politician Debbie Bath-Hadden remain the only two options for mayor, while four candidates – incumbent Ted Smith, Dorothy Sanderson, Judi Forbes and Jay Yerema-Weafer – have their hats into the ring for the regional councillor spot.

Other candidates include:

Ward 1 – Gord Lodwick (incumbent), Mike Jubb

Ward 2 – Cyndi Schaffer (incumbent), Claire Doble

Ward 3 – Walter Schummer, Bill Basztyk

Ward 4 – Ralph Maleus, Cria Pettingill, Chris Shier

Ward 5 – Lynn Campbell (incumbent), Tony Laundrie, Allan Simpson

Durham Region Chair – John Mutton, John Henry, Tom Dingwall, Muhammad Ahsin Sahi, Peter Neal

Durham District School Board – Gord Baxter (appointed incumbent), Caroyln Morton

Durham Catholic School Board – Kathy LeFort (incumbent)brock-votes-final-1600x777.jpg

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