Blue Rodeo and Devin Cuddy Band return to Sunderland stage

Blue Rodeo once again played a packed house in Sunderland on Friday (June 8) as the iconic Canadian band returned to Brock for the 21st time since 1992.

The Sunderland Lions Club and concert promoter Karen McKenna hosted the popular annual event.

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Blue Rodeo makes regular stops at the Sunderland Arena, including annual performances dating back to 2004. According to the band’s tour archive, Blue Rodeo also played in Sunderland in 2002, 2000, 1998, 1993 and 1992.

Friday evening opened with a performance from Lyric Dube, an award winning, multi-genre artist born and raised near Toronto.

The Devin Cuddy Band, starring Blue Rodeo front man Jim Cuddy’s son, took the stage next, wowing the crowd with their unique mix of country and New Orlean’s blues. Their performance kept the fans on their feet, warming them up for the headlining act, which did not disappoint.


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