Plane engine problems lead to emergency landing in Sunderland

After completing an initial assessment, a staff member from the Transportation Safety Board of Canada (TSB) says the organization will not investigate the emergency landing of a small passenger plan in Sunderland.

The plane reportedly landed shortly after midnight Sunday (June 3) morning.

“The pilot had an engine problem, declared a mayday and made an emergency landing on Highway 12 near Sunderland,” said a representative from the TSB on Monday (June 4).

“There was no injury. He landed smoothly and everything is fine,” noted the representative.

The TSB investigates incidents in which there is potential to advance transportation safety. According to the representative, as this was a singular incident of engine trouble and the pilot was able to land safely, there is no reason for the TSB to investigate.

Although no other information has been formally released, reports indicate the pilot was forced to land after encountering the engine trouble while on a flight from the Oshawa airport.


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