Council designates a Community Safety Zone along Lakeland Crescent in Beaverton

Brock Township council has decided to designate Lakeland Crescent in Beaverton a Community Safety Zone after hearing from concerned residents.

Member of council endorsed a motion from Ward 2 Councillor Cyndi Schaffer at Monday’s (June 4) meeting of the public works committee after council members received a letter from Peter Frank and a petition filled with more than 40 signatures.

“I have been living on Lakeland for 27 years and have notice a significant increase in the amount of traffic and speed on our street It has especially increased in the last couple of years,” Frank wrote.

“Lakeland has always been a street favoured by drivers dropping off and picking up their children from school and daycare. A lot of children also use Lakeland as walking path to and from school. With no sidewalks or signage that indicates the speed or school zone. With the new subdivision being built traffic on Lakeland (especially commercial traffic) is getting worse. Also with the new school being built and Thorah Public School closing…traffic will increase once more.”

In a Community Safety Zone, fines for some traffic violations have been increased through a special designation under the Highway Traffic Act (many set fines are doubled such as speeding and traffic signal related offences).

Lakeland Crescent resident Mike Jubb, who helped launch the petition, applauded council’s decision on social media.

“With no sidewalks and heavy development in the area, as well as an extension of the school zone, this will be sure to help. Signs will be erected and the speed limit dropped to 40km/h. Speed fines doubled. Council will be reaching out to the DRPS for increased enforcement,” he wrote.

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