Water woes in Sunderland a cause for concern

To the editor:

The big news flash was delivered by mail today to Sunderland residents regarding the shortage of water and the need to conserve.

This is not news. More than over a year ago, I asked at a council meeting about Sunderland being down to one well. In my opinion, everyone seemed surprised.

For more than a year now, companies have been scurrying all around drilling for water.

What if in the interim the only well had failed? Another Walkerton?

Is it possible that maybe rather than selling thousands of tons of gravel, the Township should study what happens when the gravel filtration system shrinks? Has there not been an issue with water and gravel removal down around Guelph?

I have often heard that Brock had oodles of good water but what about the sewage ponds that get discharged twice a year into the Beaver River. Is that not the most antiquated sewage disposal system?

We – the citizens of Sunderland and of Brock – should be furious, sad, terribly worried and anxious for the next election to make sure that we have a whole new slate of candidates who ask hard questions, demand straight answers and then deal with the issues.

How nice that we got 92 new homes and 200 and some to come with a shortage of water and questionable sewage. The new citizens must be concerned as to what they have gotten into as well.

Denise Wilson

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