The Brock Voice celebrates one year

One year ago, on May 27, 2017, a couple of news junkies launched their own website, sharing the stories of what was happening in and around Brock Township. Today, we thank you for helping us reach this milestone, assuring us we made the right decision.

In the past year, we’ve drawn more than 250,000 views and have hit nearly 1600 followers on Facebook. For a start-up site, managed by two people who work other jobs, covering a municipality with approximately 12,000 people, we’re pretty proud of these numbers.

However, numbers aren’t everything. We believe in quality over quantity, which is why we don’t bother with sensationalism or click bait. Our responsibility is to provide you, the readers, with the information you need in a fair, timely manner. If this means we miss out on a few hits because we don’t dress up a story to be something it’s not or we report on tragedies differently than other publications, so be it.  We would rather be known as a trusted, respectful news source than one that puts all its stock in hits and clicks.

This first year has been quite the adventure, with moments we can look back on fondly, as well moments that made us shake our heads. We’ve learned how important it is to the Brock community to have a reliable news source when tragedy strikes and we’ve been honoured to deliver those articles in a respectful manner.

We’ve also offered some fairly comprehensive coverage of council, despite not being able to be at most meetings. Some stories, such as the Township’s planned purchase of Camp Chimo, came months ahead of the competition. Others, like the Township’s lawsuit against a bridge contractor, haven’t been covered at all.

While those in authority may not always agree with our headlines, we feel we’re covering issues that Brock Township residents deserve to read about.

Although we are clearly not in this for the money, we’d like to thank our advertisers for their ongoing support of this endeavour. We’d also like to thank the Brock Board of Trade for welcoming us as a member. Lastly, we’d like to thank you, the readers, for trusting us to bring you the news.

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