Sunderland father proposes speed humps to address safety concern

A father in Sunderland is asking for officials to address the issue of speeding on his street, noting his concern for the safety of his daughter as well as other children in the area.

In a letter included in Monday’s (May 7) agenda package, Shawn Bereznicki of Sunderland expressed his fear that speeding on his street, Lorne Street, could have disastrous consequences.

“I have a three-year-old daughter and another child on the way this May. Myself and other families down the street have a major concern with the speed of traffic that goes up and down the street.  We are concerned that one of the many children that live down this street will be hurt or worse,” wrote Bereznicki.

“I would like to propose that the town installs speed humps on the street to slow the speed of vehicles that pass.  I believe that Lorne Street should be classified as a school zone and be enforced that way.”

He adds the safety of the children playing on the street should be the Township’s number one priority.

Lynn Campbell, Ward 5 Councillor, responded to Bereznicki noting “the safety of children is a top priority.”

She then forwarded the email to the public works department.

Nick Colucci, Director of Public Works, advised he would forward the concern about speeding to the Durham Regional Police.

“We will also reach out to the school and ask them to communicate this speeding issue to their parents and staff,” he added.

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