Cannington resident asks council to leave sidewalks intact

Dear Mr. Grant:

Re: Cannington Sidewalks

It seems there is a misperception regarding the value of sidewalks in Brock Township, and in particular I speak of St. John Street in Cannington.

At my house, the front entrance is off the sidewalk. That’s the way the house was when I bought it, and it is part of the value of my house. If you were to take out my sidewalk, am I to expect compensation for the devaluation of my property? Will I be granted permission to put in a walkway to my home on municipal property?

I use the sidewalk, as do many of my neighbours. I do not want to walk on the road when I walk my dog or to the grocery store. If you were to see the speed at which some folks drive up the street you’d understand. They’re a menace to life and limb, and I dare say a larger insurance risk than an unmaintained sidewalk.

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Not all the sidewalk along St. John is in good nick, but any repairs would be both simple and much less expensive than tearing them out.  Is there even a maintenance schedule for sidewalks in Brock Township?

I’ve always maintained the sidewalk in front of my house as is my custom, and I am committed to continuing.

Sidewalks are more an asset than liability, in spite of what you might have heard otherwise. Also, a little research on the work of Jane Jacobs on the subject might be helpful here.

Please leave our sidewalks intact and repair where necessary.

Best regards,

Michael Jones

St. John Street, Cannington

This letter was included in the agenda package for the May 7 Brock Township Public Works Committee. 

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