Georgina firefighters, wildlife refuge rescue swan stranded on Lake Simcoe

Georgina firefighters teamed up with staff from an area wildlife refuge to rescue a swan stranded on Lake Simcoe.

Shades of Hope shared the heartwarming story, complete with photos, on social media yesterday.

“Our firefighters were scheduled for ice rescue training today and had the opportunity to really test their skills as a struggling trumpeter swan was sighted off the shoreline of Lake Simcoe in Keswick,” the post reads.

“Shades of Hope staff and volunteers had tried to retrieve the bird yesterday but the risk of going through the melting ice was too great. Georgina firefighters rose to the challenge! With safety gear and nerve, they headed out onto the ice and rescued a very sick swan.”

Staff are hopeful the swan, which is suffering from lead poisoning, will pull through.

“Weak and thin, this regal bird was rushed into care. X-rays were taken and blood samples drawn for testing. Our new patient is suffering from lead poisoning…the result of ingesting lead fishing gear lying on the bottom of our lake from snagged fishing lines. May this be a reminder to everyone that lead kills,” it continues.

“Our swan has begun chelation therapy and we hope to be able to clear her system of lead. It will take some time and we hope she is strong enough to pull through.”

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