Special council meeting planned for firefighters association deputation

A deputation from the Beaverton-Thorah Firefighters Association is expected to be the only item on the agenda for a special council meeting set for Monday (March 26) afternoon.

Although the agenda for the meeting has not been made public, Township staff have confirmed it is set to take place at 1:30 p.m.. The deputation from the Association is expected to be the only item on the agenda, which was sent to councillors Wednesday (March 21) and is expected to be posted for the public on Thursday (March 22).

As of noon Wednesday, Mike Jubb, spokesperson for the Firefighters Association, had not been advised by the Township of the scheduled meeting.

“I haven’t heard a thing from them,” said Jubb.

On March 9, the Association announced its intention to donate a used aerial unit to the Township.

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“Today is a very proud day for the Beaverton-Thorah Firefighter’s Association. The safety and security of both our firefighters and citizens is paramount to the association and we respectfully understand and value the townships commitment and dedication to the Brock Township Fire Department as a whole. With this in mind, we are extremely proud to present to you a donation of an elevated device,”  reads the deputation that had been circulated to the media.

“Obtaining an elevated device or a squirt, as it has become known, has become a priority of our association and a necessity to our municipality due to the rapid and expansive developments of new, large, lightweight construction occurring in our township. Our members have been fundraising for many years at barbecues, community events, parades and dances with the end goal being this valued donation. We have also received numerous donations from businesses within the township, allocated solely for the purchase of an elevated device.”

The deputation had originally been scheduled for this past Monday (March 19) but was postponed following a meeting between Association representatives, Mayor John Grant and Township staff.

On Monday, Mayor John Grant said the matter was complicated by the interpretation of legislation regarding development charges.

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It is the opinion of Township Clerk/CAO Thom Gettinby that the donation  may impact how a future purchase of an aerial unit is financed. He believes, after speaking with a representative from the Township’s consulting firm, the amount eligible to be financed by development charges may be significantly reduce.

Jubb says he has spoken with a representative from the Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing about the issue.

In our situation, going from a 50-foot to an 80-foot aerial device, (as planned in 2021) he has no concern of a problem with this,” said Jubb.



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