Sidewalks on the chopping block in Brock

Brock Township staff are recommending that more than three kilometres of sidewalks be removed and sodded over due to liability concerns.

According to a report from Works Director Nick Colucci, which will be discussed during a committee meeting next Monday (March 12), more than 3,000 metres of sidewalks are not currently maintained by the municipality due to poor condition and being a substandard width.

“Works staff currently do not provide winter maintenance for most sidewalks that are less than 1.2 metres wide. The sidewalks that are currently plowed are marked on the above draft sidewalk plans,” the report reads.

“Staff have determined that a high priority should be placed on the removal of any sidewalks that are not currently being maintained in the winter due to sub-standard width or poor condition.”

The report recommends spending nearly $129,000 this year to remove sections of sidewalk, with just $30,000 being spent on repairs to the east side of Adelaide Street East in Cannington and the east side of Albert Street South in Sunderland.

“The removal of these poor sidewalks would greatly reduce the trip and fall liability to the municipality,” the report reads.

If approved by council, most of the work would come in Cannington where sidewalks on six streets – Ann (south), King, Munro (east and west), Prince, Queen and St. John — have been identified for removal.

The proposal also calls for portions of sidewalks to be removed along Church Street and Mill Street in Beaverton and Albert Street North in Sunderland.

The report has been filed as an update to the municipality’s sidewalk master plan and outlines roughly $1.9 million worth of repairs to municipal sidewalks in the coming years.

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