Brock CHC launches $600,000 fundraising campaign to help cover cost of new building

Bogged down with delays by the Province, officials with the Brock Community Health Centre are now hoping that construction of a permanent facility in Cannington will get underway next year.

But they’ve also launched a $600,000 fundraising campaign to help the process along.

In a letter to local politicians that will be discussed at Monday’s (March 5) meeting of the finance committee, Brock CHC Executive Director Janet McPherson provided an update on construction plans.

She explained that the project has completed three out of five approval stages thus far.

“We are anxious to receive approval to move to Stage 4 where the project will really begin to move forward, with construction slated to start in February 2019. We have seen some significant movement with the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care as they have recently agreed to fund the dental suite areas of the new building that will house the Region of Durham’s Oral Health Division programming,” the letter reads.

“This newly-designed building will allow Brock Community Health Centre to continue to offer free, accessible, inter-disciplinary primary health care services, health promotion programs and community development to the residents of Brock Township and surrounding areas. Brock Community Health Centre will also maintain its primary care location in Beaverton at the Beaverton Thorah Health Centre. Currently, all of the services provided by Brock CHC are funded by the Central East Local Health Integration Network. Our new CHC building will have space for community health and social service agencies to be co­located with Brock CHC. This will create a central community location in which collaborative services can be delivered to clients living in Brock Township and surrounding areas.”

McPherson explained that such space will not be covered by the Province, necessitating the launch of a community fundraising campaign.

“The spaces that community organizations will occupy are not funded by the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care and are therefore considered ‘own funds’ space…Brock CHC has recently acquired charitable status and has begun to raise funds to support the development of these spaces so that we can reach our target of building completion in 2020. Our total amount to be raised over the next two years is approximately $600,000,”

“This new state-of-the-art building will be a wonderful asset to Brock Township. While providing a new home for Brock Community Health Centre’s current and future slate of free and accessible services (primary care, social work, dietitian, physiotherapy, foot care, seniors groups, youth programming), it will also be a central location for other health and social service providers. There are many partnership opportunities that have been created and that are possible for the future in this new space. The community members of Brock Township will be well served by the possibilities of this new building.”

It concludes with a request for support.

“Brock CHC is looking for the support of Brock Township to make this new building a reality. We are hopeful that Brock Township will consider financially supporting the development of the community space within our new building,” it reads.

“Any financial contribution over the next two years from the Township of Brock would be greatly appreciated as we move toward our goal of raising $600,000.”

The Province initially announced funding for the initiative in late 2006, with funding for a permanent facility announced in the summer of 2011.

The organization currently operates out of several leased locations in Beaverton and Cannington.


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