Summer occupancy expected for expansion of Gillespie Gardens

New residents are expected to move into the $2.8-million expansion of Gillespie Gardens in Beaverton this summer.

Gillespie Gardens
Aerial view of Gillespie Gardens

Joseph Bonura, Chief Building Official for Brock Township, confirmed Monday (Jan. 29) that the construction of the expansion is nearly complete. Furthermore, occupancy is expected as early as July or August 2018.

Though this project has not yet been officially announced, Township councillors as well as Mayor John Grant, noted the secret has not been well kept.

Last October, the Township approved a site plan agreement with Durham Non-Profit Housing Corporation for the project, a two-storey addition featuring 18 one-bedroom fully accessible units.

Around that time, Ward 2 Councillor Cyndi Schaffer noted excavation had started in August 2017.

“They started excavating the site back in August,” she said.

“During the fair, you could see the trucks coming down the street with the fill that’s been removed.”

Gillespie Gardens is owned and managed by the Durham Non-Profit Housing Corporation. It is located on Nine Mile Road and currently consists of 48 units, including 34 one-bedroom units, of which two are wheelchair accessible, and 14 two-bedroom, of which one is wheelchair accessible.