Budget talks begin in Brock

A deputation from the Brock Township Public Library and a request from the Manilla Community Hall Board are expected to be received at next week’s Finance Committee meeting as councillors and staff prepare to set the 2018 budget.

The Finance Committee meeting starts at 9 a.m. Tuesday (Jan. 30) in the Council Chambers.

Susan Dalton, Secretary/Treasurer and CEO of Brock Township Public Library, is the only deputation on the agenda. She is expected to address councillors regarding the library budget.

In a letter to the committee, the Manilla Hall Board is asking for the inclusion of an accessible washroom and an accessible conversion of the kitchen to be considered in the 2018 budget.

Furthermore, the letter notes the Board is discussing possible grant applications to New Horizons for Seniors, Trillium and the Enabling Accessibility Fund for additional funding.

The Manilla Hall Board also states they would like to produce marketing materials to help spread the word about the new high speed internet at the Hall and other features that make the facility “well equipped to host business meetings, big or small.”

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According to the letter, which recognizes the contributions of dedicated board members and community volunteers, the Board notes the recent success of Manilla Hall.

“For the past few years, we have exceeded our goal of $3,000 in annual fundraising. Events at the hall are thriving and rentals have increased,” reads the letter.

“Thanks to the New Horizons grant, Manilla Hall has benefited from many upgrades which are attractive to our Hall users. An accessible washroom would be another great benefit to our facility.”

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