Council to consider if Brock Township should assume ownership of Beaverton Harbour

Little more than three years after assuming ownership of the facility on Thorah Island, Brock Township is being asked to take over the Beaverton Harbour.

In a letter to the municipality dated Dec. 18, Fisheries and Oceans Canada formally asks local politicians “to consider how the Beaverton facility fits into future Township plans” and whether they would have any interest in acquiring the property. It also references a meeting that CAO/Clerk Thom Gettinby and Works Director Nick Colucci had with representatives of the ministry on Dec. 6.

An environmental assessment of the property is already underway, a prerequisite of the transfer process.

“To facilitate the transfer of Small Craft Harbours facilities to municipalities, certain ‘flexibilities’ have been approved which will allow consideration of the following — transfer to occur ‘as is’ at nominal value (i.e. $1.00); the Township continues operating the facility as a public harbour at essentially its current level of operation for a five-year period; and, should the Township cease to operate the facility or dispose of all or part of the facility within the covenant period, the Township would be required to reimburse to the federal government an amount equal to the appraised value of the facility at the time of transfer,” the letter reads.

Members of council are expected to discuss the issue at today’s (Jan. 15) council meeting.

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