Port Perry Hospital will re-open September 2018

Port Perry Hospital is expected to open the week of Labour Day 2018, a little more than a year after a roof fire this past August.

The North Durham hospital, managed by Lakeridge Health, has been closed since the roof fire on August 25. The fire, officials say, caused extensive damage to the electrical, mechanical and environmental networks required to safely operate the hospital.

According to a release from Lakeridge Health, “restoration of Port Perry Hospital is a complex undertaking, with significant work and due diligence required to ensure the hospital will be safe for reopening.”

Construction crews and engineering experts have been onsite since the blaze, repairing damage and creating a detailed plan of the work required to safely open the site.

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Lakeridge Health says based on the plan, construction and restoration of the building is scheduled to be complete the first week of July. However, patient services is not expected to open until the first week of September, just after Labour Day.

“Although it is good to have a clear timeline for reopening, there is much work to do over the next number of months,” said Matthew Anderson, Lakeridge Health President and CEO, in a release.

“Our staff and construction partners continue to work tirelessly to deliver on our commitment to restore and safely re-open the hospital as soon as possible.”

As part of the restoration process, crews are constructing and installing a new boiler room, HVAC system and power plant.

Crews have been working extended hours and with the Lakeridge Health team to pre-select and pre-order long delivery items for all systems to help accelerate the efforts, according to the Dec. 15 release.

Lakeridge Health expects it to take eight weeks to prep the building, do a terminal clean and sterilize all clinical areas, re-stock hospital inventory, and move in, test and re-certify all medical equipment.

“While we work to reopen Port Perry Hospital as soon as possible, this also gives us the opportunity to do some additional upgrades during the temporary closure which will enhance the patient experience and make the hospital a more modern health care facility. None of these improvements will impact our re-opening date,” said Anderson.

“Thank you North Durham residents, community members, patients and staff for your unwavering support and continued patience during the temporary closure of Port Perry Hospital. It is truly your support that makes the difference.”

Valentine Lovekin, Lakeridge Health Board Chair, also thanked staff, as well as physicians for their dedication since the fire.

“Port Perry physicians and clinical staff who are caring for patients at other hospital sites have consistently demonstrated Lakeridge Health values during the temporary closure: compassion, innovation, courage and trust. Thank you to the staff and community partners for their ongoing commitment to provide safe, quality care during this time,” said Lovekin.

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