Brock Township Council celebrates long-time staff

Four long-time staff of Brock Township were celebrated at Monday’s (Dec. 4) council meeting.

Darlene Mount has been a part-time crossing guard for the Township for 20 years, Council heard. Although Mayor John Grant made a point of recognizing her dedication to the Township, he noted Mount was unable to attend the meeting due to her commitment to her position. She was fulfilling her duties as crossing guard, he told his peers and members of the gallery.

Jim Creighton was then commended for his 30 years of work for the Township of Brock and presented with a certificate and token of gratitude from Mayor Grant.

Bob Thornington, former arena manager, worked at the Township for more than 35 years before his retirement this past May.

“I don’t miss it,” Thornington said with a laugh.

Paul Brandon, who only just retired on Nov. 30 after a 35 year career as Light Equipment Operator, told the mayor he would have had a longer speech if the presentation took place a few days prior. When asked what he’s been doing with his new-found freedom, Brandon said, “recovering from my retirement party.”

In addition to certificates of recognition, Brandon and Thornington were each presented with paintings from Walter Campbell, Brock Township resident and husband of Councillor Lynn Campbell.

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