Township working to purchase Port Bolster land

Brock Township is formally moving forward with negotiations to purchase the 10-acre piece of property adjacent to the Port Bolster Soccer Fields.

In an in-camera session Monday (Dec. 4), members of council reviewed a confidential report and later passed a motion directing staff to continue negotiations and authorizing Mayor John Grant and CEO/Clerk Thom Gettinby to sign a purchase agreement.

Once used as a residential treatment facility by Chimo Youth and Family Services, the land is now owned by the provincial government.

Prior to purchasing the site, the municipality will conduct a site assessment with “the understanding that such costs would be required regardless of whether a sale transaction is completed.” The site assessment will be financed through the Township’s reserves and reserve funds.

Back in July, members of council discussed a confidential report that outlined the process to date and passed a motion calling for staff to exercise “due diligence” as discussions moved forward.

“It’s a great piece of property,” said Mayor John Grant in an interview last summer.

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