Old Cannington Town Hall to undergo renovations

Outer City ArtsThe Township of Brock has reached a lease agreement with Outer City Arts (OCA), resulting in a total redevelopment of the Old Cannington Town Hall.

As announced Monday (Dec. 4), the agreement launches a new chapter for the building, which now houses the Timothy Findley Branch of the Brock Township Library. Until now, the second floor has been vacant and closed to the public.

“This agreement will provide a permanent venue for the development of the Arts North-East of Toronto and a total redevelopment of the Town Hall including elevator and accessible washrooms,” reads a release from the Township.

Mayor John Grant says the partnership will breathe new life into the Old Cannington Town Hall.

Outer City Arts will be an asset to the community providing enhancements to education and recreational opportunities for residents and visitors to Brock. To be sure, OCA will be an economic driver making Brock the best place to live and residents proud of their communities,” he said in the release.

IMG_0365During the Council meeting the same day, Mayor Grant confirmed this partnership does not involve any financial commitment from the Township and rather will result in additional property tax revenue.

The Township will continue to assume the cost of utilities for the second floor of the building, as they have been, until an occupancy permit is delivered, at which time Outer City Arts will be responsible for the cost.

According to their Facebook page, Outer City Arts is a sustainable social enterprise, providing access to resources and experiences across a broad multi-media artistic spectrum.

With this partnership, the Township expects opportunities such as an education centre, home for the performing arts and youth and adult programming.

“Brock Township Council acknowledges Outer City Arts as a not for profit organization driven by local artisan residents that are highly respected in the wider arts community.”