Street names suggested for Beaverton’s Marydel Homes subdivision

Beaverton’s only female reeve, Helen Mckenzie, is among those recommended to be commemorated through the naming of streets in the community’s Marydel Homes subdivision.

In a letter to the Township of Brock, to be received at the Dec. 4 council meeting, Ken Scruton provided a list of individuals whose names he hopes will be added to the list of possible street names. He notes he is specifically referring to streets in Beaverton’s Marydel Homes subdivision.

In addition to Mckenzie, Scruton suggests Harold Lodwick be considered for the honour, as well as Foster Hewitt, Dr. Harold Ames, Peter and Duncan McMillan, Duncan McPherson, William Smith, Dr. Mason Smith and Reverend Dr. David Watson.

His letter also provides, in brief, an explanation of each individual’s relevance to the Beaverton community.

The McMillans, for example, were reportedly known as the “Valentine Twins”, being born on Feb. 14, 1859.

“They ran the family carriage and blacksmith shop in Beaverton; they constructed through a barn-raising event, a large skating rink between their foundry and the Beaver River; they were founding members of the ‘Beaverton Checkers’ lacrosse team winning the Ontario Championship in 1899,” writes Scruton.

McPherson, Scruton writes, “was a resident of Beaverton since 1979; had an outstanding career as an illustrator and political cartoonist; was awarded the Order of Canada, the Queen Elizabeth Jubilee Medal, the Fellow of Ontario College of Art and was named to the News Hall of Fame”.

Scruton also suggests turning to the Cenotaph for names of other individuals who “would equally merit being considered for a street name” in the subdivision.

In addition to the suggestions for names, Scruton’s letter offers potential criteria the Township could consider when selecting names for new streets throughout the entire municipality.

The suggested criteria are as follows:

  • selecting names of people who have made significant contributions to the betterment and/or well-being of the community
  • selecting names from veterans and from those who served and are now deceased
  • selecting a name or names to acknowledge our Indigenous peoples’ history in our community
  • selecting a name for a street related to its close proximity to a geographic feature or a related flora/fauna presence

Scruton’s letter appears on the agenda for the Dec. 4 Council meeting but will be referred to the Dec. 11 meeting of the Protection to Persons and Property Committee.

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