Brock Township receives $5,000 to make Gamebridge playground accessible

Frank Cowan Company Home Grown program A cheque for $5,000 will help the Township of Brock make the Gamebridge playground fully accessible.

The Frank Cowan Company Home Town Program presented the Township with $5,000 this week to help cover the construction costs.

According to a release from the Township, the community playground will be equipped with FIBAR material providing an accessible surface and a drainage layer to increase the life of the structure.

“An accessible playground will benefit the youth who reside in Gamebridge and the surrounding areas and will support active and healthy lifestyles,” said Councillor Ted Smith, acting as Deputy Mayor.

“The Township of Brock is honoured to receive this generous donation from the Frank Cowan Company Home Town Program.”

Larry Ryan, President of the Frank Cowan Company, echoed Smith’s remarks about the health benefits of community playgrounds.

“When municipalities can provide recreational venues that promote a healthy lifestyle, the community benefits. We are pleased that the Frank Cowan Company’s Home Town Program was able to support this important initiative,” he said.

Terry Reidel, Executive Director of The Cowan Foundation, noted the foundation’s involvement in the program “provides us with an opportunity to make a positive difference in the lives of Canadians and the broader well-being of our communities by supporting initiatives that are important to municipalities across Canada.”

The Frank Cowan Company Home Town Program gives financial support to municipal-related community focused, grassroots initiatives across Canada that help to improve the safety and quality of life in the communities that we insure. This program is made possible through the collaboration of Frank Cowan Company business partners and The Cowan Foundation.

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