Report highlights calls and response times for Brock Township Fire Department

Fire truckThe Brock Township Fire Department has responded to more than 2,000 calls since 2012, with an average response time just shy of nine minutes.

A report from Fire Chief Rick Harrison outlines the number of calls fielded by each of the three halls in that timeframe, along with an average response time.

The Beaverton hall was by far the busiest, with 993 calls, followed by Sunderland with 535 and Cannington with 528.

The average response time from the three halls clocked in at eight minutes and 50 seconds (seven minutes and 41 seconds in Beaverton, nine minutes and 49 seconds in Sunderland and 10 minutes and eight seconds in Cannington).

On a yearly basis, response times have varied from seven minutes and 30 seconds in 2013 to nine minutes and 49 seconds so far this year.

The report will be up for discussion at Monday’s (Nov. 27) meeting of the protection to persons and property committee meeting.