OMB grants approval for marijuana production facility in Cannington

weed stockThe Ontario Municipal Board has granted approval for the development of a marijuana production facility on Cannington’s main street.

In an 11-page ruling dated Oct. 13 OMB Vice-Chair Chris Conti wrote that the concerns raised by appellant Bruce Hurley were settled during a two-day hearing back in May and the board is “satisfied” that the issues raised were addressed.

However, the ruling notes that the three-year temporary zoning bylaw will not come into until a site plan agreement between the proponent and Township is reached.

“The Board has broad authority through the provisions of the Ontario Municipal Board Act over its own proceedings, to issue contingent orders and grant relief that the Board may consider just and proper,” it reads.

“If temporary use bylaws approved by the Board after appeals were required to come into force and effect on the date of the passing of the bylaw, a substantial amount of time would be removed from the three-year period for which the temporary use could be permitted.

In addition to the site plan agreement with the Township, the proposal also requires approval from Health Canada before it can proceed.

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