Sunderland watermain cleaning to start on Halloween

Residents of Sunderland can expect watermain maintenance to start on Oct. 31 and continue until Nov. 3, according to a release from the Region of Durham.

The Region has hired Ontario Clean Water Agency (OCWA) to clean the watermains as part of regular water supply system maintenance program.

The contractor will provide residents with a hand-delivered notice, 24 to 48 hours before the start of the cleaning operation on their street. The work is planned to be carried out in an efficient manner with the least possible inconvenience to residents.

The Region says the work will be completed at night between 10 p.m. and 5 a.m.

Residents are encouraged, where possible, to turn off their water line at the meter and ensure that water is not drawn into the home until that section is completed. Where this is not possible, the Region says it is important to ensure no water is used for any purpose, including the flushing of toilets and backwashing of water softeners. If water is used during this period it could result in material being drawn into the internal plumbing of your home causing a blockage.

Once the cleaning operation is complete (note the finish time on the hand-delivered notice), residents are asked to turn on a cold water tap only and let it run for approximately five minutes before using hot water.

Residents are advised to keep a supply of water on hand for drinking, cooking and general purposes during this cleaning procedure.

For more information, contact Lee-Ann McIlwham, Site/Project Inspector by calling 905-260-3049, or emailing

Residents can also contact Dale Clemens, Project Manager by calling 1-800-372-1102 extension 3413 or emailing

Finally, the Sunderland Depot can be reached by calling 705-357-3140.

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