KLAWS shares heartbreaking update about Gem

With a heavy heart, a representative from the Kawartha Lakes Animal Wellness Society has provided the following update about Gem, the cat found in Cannington last Friday.

“Today we received an update we were hoping not to get. Gem had no movement or feeling in her back left leg, she could not move her tail and she lost both urinary and bowel control. Her drainage tube was still in and her soft little belly was full of staples. She ate very little and showed little interest in drinking. She was on pain meds. I went up and visited with her for over an hour,” reads the Tuesday (Aug. 29) update.

“Although her eyes were bright, she was in incredible pain. She’d need to have her left leg removed and wear diapers for the the rest of her life and changed frequently. She’d be prone to both urinary and bowel infections. In consultation with the vets and technicians it was decided to let her go, peacefully and end her pain.

“I did stay with her and tried to shower her with a lifetime of love in her final hour. I apologized for this happening to her and told her she was a good little lady and she was loved.

“We at KLAWS do not take this decision lightly and it weighs heavily on us. We appreciate your support and we thank you for the donations towards her care. We did receive enough to cover her bill and Morris’ was more than generous,” continues the update from KLAWS.

“The staff at Morris’ went above and beyond for this little lady and we are very appreciative of their time, love, gentle hands and their support.

“Paws up Gem, you were loved and you mattered.”

To learn more about KLAWS and the work they do, visit them on Facebook at www.facebook.com/4KLAWS.

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