‘Good Samaritans’ help out injured 10-year-old at Cannington skatepark

Pedro pic

A Cannington mother is grateful for the support her son received after suffering an injury at the Bunkland skatepark in Cannington last week.

Krystle and Owen Pedro recently shared the story of how the 10-year-old ended up with a cast on his right arm after a skateboard stunt gone awry.

“I saw a kid do a stunt so I went to try it,” the youngster said.

“I went down the ramp sideways and heard my wheels start to skid and then I fell off. Everyone at the skatepark crowded around me and asked me if I was OK. One kid checked my arm…and thought it might be broken. I wanted to walk home but the kids at the skatepark told me I probably broke my arm and shouldn’t walk home.”

One of the youths asked if Owen had a phone to call his parents, while another made the call himself.

“Then a sweet lady came and asked the teens for a Popsicle they had to use as ice until my parents came. The teens agreed and the cold really helped,” Owen said.

“The adult helped me get my scooter and brought it and me to the parking lot where we waited for my parents. My friend, Hunter, stayed me with until my parents came to take me to the hospital.”

An x-ray at the hospital revealed a fractured forearm.

“He’s suited up with a cast for the next six weeks but is in good spirits and is looking forward to heading back to the skatepark when he’s all healed up,” his mom said.

“We don’t know the names of the Good Samaritans but we’re so thankful for the quick-thinking and help that was provided on Thursday afternoon by those who were kind enough to step forward and care for one another.”

Given that some of the youngsters that congregate at the skatepark often get a bad rap, Ms Pedro said she was extremely impressed with the response following Owen’s injury.

“It’s good to see the good in our community,” she said.

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