Work resumes on Mara Road

Work has resumed on Mara Road in Beaverton following a strike by contracted workers that stretched for nearly two weeks.

The strike vote by LiUNA Local 183 involves the Oshawa Signatory Contractors that went into effect on June 20 appears to have been resolved though no update has been posted on the union’s website.

Along with Mara Road, the strike also impacted projects on Main Street Road in Orono and Regional Road 57 in Clarington.

In a Facebook post Wednesday (July 5), Mayor John Grant noted that the strike also forced a delay in work planned on Highway 12 from the intersection of Highway 48 south of Beaverton all the way up to Gamebridge.

“Expect delays on Hwy 12 in the near future,” he told residents as the project is set to move forward.

LiUNA Local 183 bills itself as the “largest construction local union in North America” and has members in virtually every aspect of the construction industry including residential, sewer and watermain, road construction, bridge building, pipeline, railroads and utilities.

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