The Brock Township Animal Shelter is asking area residents to open their hearts and homes to new feline family members as staff care for an unusually significant influx in cats and kittens.

IMG_9766According to Shelter staff, an influx of cats and kittens is not uncommon during the months of March through October but this year, possibly due to the weather, they say the increase has been even more noticeable.

“It happens on a yearly basis but this year, perhaps due to the mild winter is higher then normal,” says a representative from the Shelter.

The same staff member says the main cause of feline overpopulation is the failure of cat owners to have their pets spayed or neutered, and to allow them to stray from their property, contrary to the Animal Control Bylaw.

Shelter staff day there are a few ways people can support the facility and help the animals, including fostering cats or kittens not yet ready for adoption. Donations are also welcome.

“We can always use wet or dry cat and kitten food and cat litter (scoopable) or a donation to the Sick and Injured Animal Fund which is used to provide medical care,” says the staff member, noting one other option for animal lovers in Brock.

“Adopting cats or kittens and providing them with a forever home is the best way to assist.”

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