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Last week at McCaskill’s Mills Public School (MMPS) two incredibly caring students, Madelyn Andrews and Lyla Kring, held a fundraiser to support our daughter, Ella.

Two years ago, at the age of 3, Ella was diagnosed with metachromatic leukodystrophy (MLD). MLD is a rare genetic condition that causes progressive destruction of the nervous system. Over the past 2 years, MLD has caused Ella to lose many functional abilities. She has lost the ability to walk, talk, swallow and some of her vision. She is now only able to laugh and smile for us.

Ella Andrews
Ella Andrews

During this difficult time, this community has been amazing to support us. Donations have allowed us to provide the best possible care for Ella. Words can’t describe how thankful we are for the help.

The next part of our journey is wanting to see a cure for MLD. We are thrilled the money raised by the candy jar guess, an incredible $208, is being donated to the Bethany’s Hope Foundation. A foundation in London, Ontario that is doing a clinical trial in 2018 with the goal to cure MLD. More details at:

Madelyn Andrews and Lyla Kring
Madelyn Andrews and Lyla Kring

Thank you Madelyn, Lyla and the MMPS students who generously donated to this fundraiser. Thanks for helping the Bethany’s Hope Foundation work towards a cure for MLD. Its means the world to our family. We wish for a future where parents won’t have to experience the indescribable pain and sadness MLD brings.


Sending a heartfelt thank you,

Melissa, Wes, Clara and Ella Andrews

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